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Somfy Radio Technology


Over 4 million installations throughout the world

With over 4 million installations throughout the world, RTS has become the standard for secure radio technology in the house-building sector.

Rapid installation: because there is no electric wire between the motor and the control unit, fitting time is reduced and there is no damage to walls.

Easy to live with: with a range of 200 m in the open and 20 metres through 2 concrete walls, it is powerful enough to provide efficient remote control in all rooms.

Reliable: a revolving code with 16 million possible combinations makes your RTS installation impregnable. Its narrow bandwidth means that RTS never interferes with other systems: telephones, televisions, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Upgradeable: as your needs change, you can add new controls and automatic features or replace them without making over the whole installation or affecting your decoration.